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DIY Decorative yarn balls for home décor bowl

These decorative ball décor pieces is a fasion trend I was really on board for.  They are relatively simple, but can really stand out in a room.  So, I decided to make my own.  They were pretty easy and quick to make and they turned out better than I thought they would.   


  1. Elmer’s glue  
  1. Yarn of your choice of color.  You could also use nautical rope as well, but I would recommend using more glue for this material.   
  1. Styrofoam ball
Styrofoam ball

Start off by applying some glue to the top of your Styrofoam ball.  Then take the end of your yarn, and starting from the top where you applied the glue, start winding it/wrapping it around the Styrofoam ball.  You will want to make small circles from the center of the top of the Styrofoam ball and just continue to wrap the yarn horizontally.   Continue to add glue to the Styrofoam ball as you go.  Apply more glue at the beginning.  You will not need as much glue as you work your way down the ball.  I applied glue about every 3 inches of the yarn.   It is important the glue is not applied only to the same side of the Styrofoam ball, but in areas all around the ball.  This will secure the yarn better.  Once you get to the end of the Styrofoam ball cut your extra yarn off, apply a little glue to the end, and tuck it under the yarn attached to the Styrofoam ball.   

You could also apply glue over the entire top portion of the Styrofoam ball.  Then wrap the top portion of the ball, wait for it to dry, and then cover the second half of the Styrofoam ball with glue and continue to wrap that half of the ball.  If you do it this way just be careful not to accidentally put your fingers in the wet glue and then get it on your yarn.  This much glue also makes the yarn move out of place easier.  So, you will need to be more careful on how you handle the Styrofoam ball.   

decorative ball bowl

I also made a decorative ball out of scrap burlap.  The burlap was wired.  I cut the burlap into about 1 ½ inch long strips.  I fingers in the picture below indicate the length of a strip. I cut the burlap down to smaller strips so it was easier to wrap them around the Styrofoam ball.  I then glued the sips onto the Styrofoam ball until all sides of the Styrofoam ball were covered.  You will need to overlap pieces.  Some of the edges of the burlap would try to stick up a little.  So, I folded them down and glued them.   

The other balls in my basket I bought from Pier One Imports.  They were in their Christmas collection.  You could also bough none glitter ones. I will post a link button to some nice ones I found. You can get different colors, or spray paint them the color you want. You could also apply glue to them and roll them in glitter if you want.

The bowl I am using is actually a fruit bowl from Target.  I cannot resist rose gold. I do not think Target sells this particular one anymore. However, there are several nice options from other stores if you google rose gold fruit basket.

decorative ball bowl

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