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DIY Conversation Heart Cookies


  1. Wooden heart from Dollar Tree  
  1. Paint and paint brush  
  1. Light weight spackle. I bought mine from Dollar Tree. Caulk would probably also work. 
  1. Piping tips. You could also a paint brush if you like the dollop look.  You will also need a plastic bag or piping bag if you are using the piping tips.
  1. Stencil, vinyl, or free hand the conversation onto your piece.  
  1. Optional: sandpaper  

I made a YouTube video if you prefer to watch how I made the conversation heart cookie.

Some of the wood pieces from Dollar Tree are a little rough around the edges. So, you may need to sand down your wooden heart some. Then you will want to paint your wooden heart. I painted the edges a light brown color, to make it look like a cookie with icing on the top. Conversation hearts are typically pastel colors. I chose to paint the top of my wooden heart a light pink color. You could also paint your entire wooden heart the pastel color you choose if you want.  

The next step is to add your conversation to your cookie. I used some stencils I had and dabbed white paint into the stencil to spell love you. You could use a paint pen to free hand your letters. I do not have very neat or pretty handwriting, so that is why I used the stencils. You could also use vinyl to cut out your letters or to make your own stencil. If you mess up a little on your letters, then you can always touch them up with a little bit of your pastel color to hide any imperfections. There are also rub on transfers, which you could also use to apply your conversation onto your cookie. Typically the conversation piece is red, but I choose to do mine in white, because I thought it looked nicer. The white will also math my white icing edges I will do in the next step.  

conversation heart cookie

You could be done here if you want, but I decided to add some fake fronting/icing around the edges of my cookie. To do this I used light weight spackle. My spackle was already used in a previous project; thus, my spackle was a little dried out. I added a little water to make it not as dry, but I accidently added way too much water to my spackle. You can also add paint to your spackle if you would like to make it whiter, or a different color completely. Just note that the paint will water down the spackle some. So, if you are adding paint to your spackle, then you will probably not want to add any water to your spackle. I then cut a small corner of a plastic bag off and fit my piping tip into this hole. You can tape the end where the bag and piping tip meet to help hold things in place if you need to. I then scooped my spackle into my piping bag I just made. 

conversation heart cookie

Since I added to much water to my spackle, my spackle was very liquidy and not forming the piping shape like it was suppose too. My bag then busted out the side. I then just used a paint brush to blob on the spackle. This seemed to work well, and it allowed me to get the less wet spackle which looked better. Once your spackle is a little dry you can try to fix some little pieces, but be careful not to mess with it too much. I recommend waiting at least a day for your spackle to dry.  

conversation heart cookie

This ended up being a little messy, but it was still fun to make. It would be cute to make a few different colors with different conversations and display them on a tier tray or with other Valentine’s Day décor. Did you ever eat the conversation hearts? I used to get them every Valentine’s Day in middle school. I always thought they just tasted okay, but I would eat them none the less. I think I would like a cookie that looked like a conversation heart better than the actual candy ones.  If you are interested in making the kisses candy jar/gumball machine, then head to this link to learn how. If you are interested in making the white tier tray with marbling inside, then click here to learn how. If you are interested in learning how to work with sola wood flowers or would like to see more pictures of the flower arrangement below, then click here to check it out.

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