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DIY 3D Butterfly Card That Actually Flaps!


  1. Elmer’s spray adhesive. Other brands will also work.
  2. cardstock in a few different colors
  3. Cricut machine or other similar machines
  4. Fine point blade (the one that comes with your machine)
  5. A new or very sticky mat. I used a green standard mat for my thicker cardstock to insure it did not move.
  6. Scoring stylus or scoring wheel if you have a maker machine.
  7. A brayer to insure your cardstock does not move when cutting the intricate designs.
  8. The design which can be found on Jennifer Maker website.
  9. Acetate
  10. scraper tool to remove extra pieces from mat.
  11. paint pens. I used Posca markers, but any paint pen/marker should work.


1.Cut out all the different layers.

2. Remove the protective layers from both sides of your acetate and set them aside to be used later.

3. Color one side of your acetate wings with your paint marker. If you want the wings to be transparent, then use the protective film you removed in step to and dab it over your wet paint till you are happy with the result.

4. Set the acetate aside to dry.

5. Fold your cardstock pieces along the scored areas.

6. Spray your adhesive glue to one of your detailed butterfly halves, then place the acetate layer down. I created an extra butterfly half to go over the acetate layer, but it is not needed.

7. Repeat step 6 for the other detailed butterfly half.

8. Spray your adhesive glue to the inside of your card with the butterfly cutouts. Cover the other side of the card so it does not get glue on it yet. Place your butterfly piece so that the butterfly cutouts line up.

9. Connect the two butterfly halves together, by sliding them together using the pre-cut slits.

10. Spray your adhesive glue to the other inside portion of your card. Cover the other half of the card so it does not get any glue adhesive on it. Then place your butterfly piece in place.

11. To make this piece look finished glue the two rectangle pieces directly over the bases of the butterfly pieces.

12. Add extra butterflies as needed. I bent the wings up on some of my little butterflies to give them a little more depth.

I really loved how this butterfly card turned out. My grandma loves butterflies, and she loved receiving this card. I love the movement and depth it gives along with the colors. It was fun creating the transparent wings. I was not completely sure how they would turn out at first. Never be afraid to experiment and try new things. Next time I will try not to be quite so messy. Lol This spray adhesive was a lot quicker to work with and nice for getting all these thin lines in the butterfly, however you can see the areas where I got messy. It makes the cardstock darker in color.

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  1. Irene

    I like your 3 butterfly card very much but could not find a way to get the svg. The password does not work.

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