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Cricut Leather Cat Bookmarker With HTV


  1. Leather in your choice of color or colors. I used faux leather I bought from Amazon, but you could also use the faux leather from Dollar Tree.
  2. Any Cricut cutting machine or other machine that can cut thin faux leather.
  3. Cricut Purple strong grip mat. If your mat is not new, then you will also want to add blue painters tape around the edges of your faux leather to insure it does not move on your mat.
  4. Glue. I used Gorilla glue to insure a long lasting bond.
  5. 2 strong thin magnets.
  6. Optional: HTV for paw prints. If you use HTV, then you will also need a heat source like a mini press, pressing pad or towel, Teflon sheet, and a Green Cricut standard mat.
  7. Optional: My cat design, which you can find here.


1. Cut out pieces.

  • For the leather use a strong grip mat and apply blue painters tape around the edges of the leather to insure it does not move on the mat. Mirror your design (in this case it will not matter). I used the cut setting paper thin leather, use the setting that works best for your material and machine. You will also want to place the leather side down on mat.
  • For the HTV do not forget to mirror your design (in this case it will not matter). You will want to use a green standard grip mat, and place the shiny side (carrier side) down on the mat, unless your vinyl tells you otherwise. I used the setting for everyday iron on.

2. Weed out the unwanted areas of your HTV. Then place your HTV directly onto your leather in the location you want it. Make sure the carrier sheet (clear plastic) is the top most layer (leather, vinyl, carrier sheet).

3. Place a Teflon sheet over everything to protect the leather from the heat source. You can use other things like butcher paper, but I like to use the Teflon sheet so I can keep reusing it. I used a Cricut mini press on the low setting. I moved the mini press over my design for about 10 seconds. I then slowly peeled the carrier sheet off when my leather was cool to the touch. If the vinyl is not completely sticking to the leather, then place the carrier sheet back over it, along with your Teflon sheet, and apply your heat for another 10 seconds, Continue to do this till your HTV adheres to your leather.

4. Apply your glue directly to one of your magnets. I used Gorilla glue. Then place that magnet on the back side of your leather piece.

5. Place the second magnet directly on top of the first magnet so that they are attracted to each other. Then apply your glue to the second magnet. Fold over your leather piece and set something heavy on top of your piece till your glue dries.

6. Unfold your piece so the two magnets are separated (one on each side of your leather). Apply your glue all over the back side of this leather piece, but make sure not to get any glue on your magnets this time. Place your second leather piece on top of your first piece. The two backs should line up. Then place something heavy over your piece till the glue has dried.

7. Test out your book marker! You may want to leave it in a book for a few hours to create the fold.

I love how this turned out! I especially love the little paw beans I added with the HTV. I almost did not add this because it was going to be so small, but it actually was not to bad, and it is my favorite part. HTV is great when working with tiny designs. Are you reading anything good, and need a fun bookmark to save your spot?

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