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Cricut Desk Calendar


  1. Cardstock (solid and/or patterned)
  2. White paper (cardstock or copy paper) 
  3. Double sided tape 
  4. Cricut pens 
  5. Cricut Machine (Any Cricut machine or similar machine will work) 
  6. Blue light grip cutting mat 
  7. Fine point blade (the blade that comes with your machine) 
  8. My designs, which can be found in Cricut Design Space via the links below. I have a free version as well as a Cricut access version. 


1. Locate the calendar template you would like to use. (see #8 in the supplies list) 

2. Size everything together at once if you would like to make any size adjustments. 

3. If you would like to change anything, then you will first need to select detach in the lower right corner while the calendar you want to work on is selected. If you would like to change individual numbers, then you will have to select the ungroup button at the top right. 

4. Change any of the operations you would like. I have everything set to be drawn, but if you would like to cut out some of the pieces, then simply select them and go up to the drop down menu under operations and select basic cut (basic under the cut section). 

5. If you would like to add special images for important dates, then you can do this by first selecting ungroup at the top right. Once you can change an individual number, you can delete or hide that number and replace it with the image you would like. Select image on the left hand side and search for the image you would like to use. I recommend not picking an image that has a lot of detail to it, simpler is better since it will be small. You can select the free button on the left hand side if you do not have Cricut access. Once you have found an image you like select it and click add to canvas in the bottom right. Change the image is be drawn by selecting the operations drop down and clicking pen under the draw category. Resize the image to fit and move it into place. You can also change the color of this image if you would like. 

6. Once you have made all of the changes you would like, make sure to select everything in one month and then click attach in the bottom right. If you forget this step Cricut will not keep this same format and things will not be placed where you want them. 

7. Hit make it and follow the steps on the screen and select the settings for the material you are using.

  • If your paper is not 12 x 12, then you can select where it says 12 x 12 in the make it page, it is a drop down window under the picture of your mat. You can then select the size of your cardstock. Cricut will make the adjustments if needed to fit the new size of paper. 

8. Apply double sided tape to the back of your smaller cardstock rectangle, and place it in the middle of your larger cardstock rectangle. 

9. Starting with December and working upward towards January, apply a line of double sided tape to the top of each month and place them one on top of the other. You could also place a small double sided dot in each of the top corners instead of a line all the way across. 

I like this sticky note idea so you can easily tear away the month when it is finished, then make new month sheets for next year. These little calendars can be as simple or decorative as you would like, and they can be updated each year. You could add images for special dates, like a birthday cake for someone’s birthday. I kept it easy and just drew everything with the Cricut pens, but you could cut out pieces of the design (change pieces to basic cut) and add a fun and colorful cardstock behind it to show through the cutouts. You could also color in pieces of the design as well. I was going to color in the letters for each month, but just forgot to do it. So, I will go back and do that. If you want to make a separate background for each month, then you can do that as well. You could also make things print then cut if you do not like the marker look. There are so many different ways to personalize these calendars. I can not wait to see how yours turns out! 

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