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Creative Decoupage Napkin Art on Rope Baskets Tutorial


  1. Rope basket. I recommend a smoother rope basket than the one I used. The one I used I made a few years ago. I made two different versions. If you would like to learn how I made these basket, then please click the links below.
  2. Mat mod podge
  3. Brush to apply mod podge
  4. Decorative napkin
  5. Scissors


1.Decide how you want to decorate your rope basket and where you want to place your decorative napkin or napkin pieces.

2. Remove the extra baking of your decorative napkin.

3. Roughly cut around your designs on your decorative napkin.

4. Apply a nice layer of mat mod podge to your rope basket where you want to place your decorative napkin pieces.

5. Carefully place napkin pieces in place. Add extra mod podge to edges if needed till edges do not come up.

6. Let dry and add more mod podge to edges as needed. As it dries you will notice areas that did not get enough mod podge, and the edges might start to come up a little.

7. Use your hands as well as a stiff brush to help push the napkin into the grooves of the rope to make it look more natural and part of the rope. Just be careful not to tear the napkin.

8. Apply mod podge to the top of the decorative napkin pieces to help seal them and prevent them from tearing.

This project was actually a bit more difficult than I thought it was going to be. My rope basket was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be for this project. Having a smoother rope basket (one where the rope is also sow together) would have made this project a lot easier. I also made this project more difficult by having my napkin design wrap around the entire basket. It probably would have been better to work in smaller sections and to wait for each section to dry before I moved on to the next section. When an area is still wet it is easy to pull some of it up. Working in smaller sections would have also helped with my glue drying to quickly on me. As a result some of my flowers are not quite as stuck down in the center of my design because the glue had already dried before I placed my napkin down. I am not good at being patient when it comes to crafting. I get in the crafting mood, and do not want to wait for it to dry to finish it. I typically have a lot of patients in none craft related things.

This project is not perfect especially if you look at it up close, but over all I like the extra touch of the flowers. From a little further away you do not notice the little tears in the napkin that I made. I will continue to use this basket to hold my toilet paper. It was nice to be able to spruce it up a little.

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