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Crafting With Light Weight Spackle To Give Some Textures To Trees


  1. Tree form – paper Mache Cones
  2. Plastic spatula and/or plastic brush
  3. Lightweight spackle
  4. Paint
  5. Paint brushes. I used a soft and a stiff bristle brush.
  6. Optional: scrap piece of ribbon
  7. Optional: iron on vinyl of a word
  8. Optional: sharpie or another marker
  9. Optional: thin ribbon or other material to make a small bow
  10. Optional: something to make a base for your tree (small stump or stick).


  1. Apply lightweight spackle to your tree form with plastic spatula. I found it best to press the lightweight spackle into the tree form, then let it sit a few seconds (cover the rest of the tree) before shaping it with your spatula.
  1. Use plastic spatula to smooth out lightweight spackle and create grooves and textures in your tree.
  2. Set trees aside to dry before applying paint with a soft bristle paint brush. The soft bristle help to not remove the lightweight spackle as well as help get paint into the different grooves and textured areas. You can also use a dabbing or circular motion to help get the paint into the textured areas. You can also let some of the white spackle areas show if you like that look.
  1. Once the base color paint is fully dry you can dry brush the gold or other color lightly over the tree. To dry brush use a stiff bristle brush and dip it in a very small amount of paint, then brush most of the paint off, before brushing it onto your piece.
  1. For the ribbon piece I used glitter iron on vinyl. I typed the word “JOY” in the font “Karley”. I measured my ribbon, which was 1 cm wide or 0.39 inches. I then sized my word down to just a little smaller than the 1 cm for the height of my word. With iron on vinyl do not forget to mirror it before cutting and to lay your vinyl glitter shiny side down.
  2. Weed out the iron on vinyl (remove the areas you do not want).
  3. Place iron on directly on ribbon. Most iron on vinyl come with the carrier sheet (clear protective layer), this goes up. Use small iron of your choice. If your iron can hold water, then make sure there is no water in it. I held my iron for 10 second increments to insure it would not burn my piece. Remove carrier sheet when iron on is firmly adhered to your ribbon.
light weight spackle trees
  1. If you do not want to try and iron on or weed this very small word, then you could use a sharpie or other marker to hand write your simple word directly onto your ribbon.
light weight spackle trees
Left is done by hand with a Sharpie. Right is the glitter Iron On vinyl.
  1. Cut extra ends of ribbon to your liking and use hot glue to glue it onto your tee.
  1. You can also make a simple bow out of ribbon and glue that to your tree. Then cut off extra tail to your liking.
light weight spackle trees

I think it would be nice to have an entire forest of these different trees in different sizes. You could have your family and friends get together and all make these trees. Each tree would be a little different. Of the two trees I made, which is your favorite? I like both, but my favorite is the plain tree with the dry brushed gold accents.

light weight spackle trees

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