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Crafting an Egg-citing DIY Bird Family


  1. Wood egg shapes
  2. Beaks (wood, felt, or drawl on)
  3. Colorful cardstock
  4. Hot glue and glue gun
  5. Mod podge
  6. silicone brush to apply mod podge
  7. Sand paper, scissors, a lighter, or a Cricut machine and my design.
  8. Black Sharpy marker
  9. Paint (orange and white) and paint brush
  10. Straws or dowel rods (legs)
  11. Beads or other items for shoes. Wood rabbit feet for one bird. These could also be made out of felt or cardstock.
  12. Feathers
  13. wire for glasses
  14. lace ribbon for skirt. The one I used came from Dollar Tree


1.Apply mod podge to wood egg. Then place cardstock on top while it is still wet.

2. Apply layer of mod podge directly over the cardstock to protect it as well as the edges.

3. Once the mod podge is dry you can remove any extra cardstock if needed. This can be done by sanding down the edges, cutting the extra with scissors, or even using a lighter to burn the edges.

4. Paint or apply the cardstock to the other parts of your birds (beak and feet)

  • I also made lines and dots to outline the feet and body of one of my birds.

5. Use glue to attach the beak, feet, feathers, and other extra pieces to your birds. I used hot glue for this.

6. Add the eyes to your birds. To do this I first traced eyes with a pencil, then used a black Sharpy marker over the pencil lines and filled them in. I then used a thin silicone paint brush to add white reflection pieces to the eyes.

7. Add the legs by applying hot glue to the back of your bird and place your straw or dowel rod. Then cut the extra off. Repeat for the other leg.

8. Apply glue to the ends of the straw or dowel rod and add the bead or other items you are using for their shoes or feet.

9. Add other extra features as desired.

  • I used my Sharpy marker to help form glasses from wire and used hot glue to add them to one of my birds. I did need larger cutters to cut this wire.
  • I glued lace ribbon around the bottom of one of my birds and folded it back on itself as I went to create a pleated skirt. I made two rows of this.
  • I glued dowel rods to form arms on one of my birds. I also wrapped ribbon around one end of the dowel rod first before gluing them to my bird to create a sleeve and a cleaner line. I then glued a flower in her hands to hold.

These birds have so much personality! I can not wait to see what yours will look like! Make sure to post a picture in our Facebook group so everyone can enjoy your creations. You will also have to let me know which of my three birds you like the best.

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