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Crafting a 3D Flower Pillow with Cricut Infusible Ink


  1. Pillow case that is 100% polyester
  2. Infusible ink markers. I used the 1.0 size.
  3. Felt. You can make your own felt flowers, buy this kit I did from Dollar Tree, or just add any type of fake flower you find or have on hand.
  4. Cricut machine to drawl your flower design.
  5. My flower design, which can be found for free in my library.
  6. Laser copy paper. You just need the laser paper not the laser printer.
  7. Hot glue and glue gun. I recommend a precision tip glue gun.
  8. Heat press. For infusible ink a regular iron will not work as well.
  9. Heat pressing mat or towels.
  10. A pillow or something to stuff your pillow case when you are finished.


1.Measure your pillow case and size your design accordingly. Make sure to take the size of your laser copy paper and cutting mat size into consideration as well. You will probably need to cut your design into sections to get it to fit.

  • To cut the design down to size without changing the proportion of the size, I first recommend making a copy or duplicate of the design.
  • Next, create a square in the exact size you need your design to be (maybe the size of your copy paper, which is typically 8.5 by 11).
  • Move your square over your design in the position you would like to cut your design. I like to change my square from a cut to a guide (last option under operations). This allows you to see your design through your square to insure it is in the proper position. Then do not forget to change your square back to basic cut.
  • Select both the design and the square and click “combine” then intersect. You may need to wait a few seconds for the change to happen.
  1. Change your design from cut to drawl under the operations drop down menu at the top. Then make your design and color in all the areas you want. I kept mine all black, but feel free to add color to your design.
  2. Use a heat press at 385 degrees frightening for 60 seconds. Make sure to place a piece of paper or something inside your pillow case to insure the infusible ink does not bleed through as well as on top of your laser paper with your design on it.
  3. Make your felt flowers. Watch my YouTube video to see how I made mine. Then glue them onto your pillow case. I used hot glue to attach my flowers, but you could also use a fabric glue or sew them on.

I like using infusible ink markers, because it is easy to work with and no weeding involved. I also like how it becomes part of the fabric so you do not have to worry about it it coming off. The flowers are fun and add a bit of texture and dimension to the pillow. I was very happy with this flower kit from Dollar Tree. It made a nice amount of different flowers. Never be afraid to change things up and make them your own. I was really happy with how I modified my flowers.

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