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Color Changing Vinyl – Summer Cups


  1. Cup to decorate.
  2. Permanent vinyl. I also used fun color changing permanent vinyl and textured vinyl.
  3. Cricut machine or other similar cutting machine.
  4. Weeding tools.
  5. Green standard cutting mat.
  6. Optional: transfer tape. My designs were large enough that I applied them like stickers. I found this easier than using transfer tape, but this is a preference thing. 
  7. Optional: My designs, which you can find in my shop or my Etsy shop.
  8. Optional: Dishwasher mod podge.


  1. Cut out your design. Your settings will depend on the type of vinyl you decide to use.
    • For my color changing permanent vinyl I used glitter cardstock with more pressure and did two passes. This was the settings recommended on my vinyl.
    • For the Textured metallic permanent vinyl I used the metallic vinyl setting with more pressure. I did two passes on this as well, but one pass was probably all it needed. I wanted to make sure all the little pieces inside the flower were cut through.
    • Before unloading your mat check your cuts. If they did not cut all the way through, hit the go button again on your machine. Do not hit unload.
    • In my designs I provide you with a few different sizes/containers to choose from. If you have a different container size, then you can cut out individual flowers and/or leaves. I will show you how to do this in my YouTube video as well as how to turn them into a stencil.

2. Weed out/remove any unwanted areas of your design.

3. If you are making one of my flower designs, then apply the textured vinyl/flower outline detail vinyl over the larger flower shape/color changing vinyl accordingly.

  • I like to layer my vinyl first before applying it to my glass cup, because it is easier to line up on a flat surface instead of a curved surface.
  • You could use transfer tape to do this step, but I find it easier to just layer the vinyl by hand since it is a larger piece of vinyl.

4. Apply the vinyl pieces to your cup or other surfaces.

  • You can look at my design or the design on your device to place the different pieces in the same locations or place them freely as you wish.

  • You could use transfer tape to do this step, but I find it easier to just layer the vinyl by hand since it is a larger piece of vinyl.

5. Permanent vinyl does not need any protective coating to be safe to use and wash, but if you would like to provide extra protection to your design, then you can apply a layer of dishwasher safe mod podge.

  • Note the dishwasher mod podge requires several days to fully dry before using and washing.

  • Note the specific color changing vinyl I used is not safe in the dishwasher. The color changing vinyl I used reacts to cold temperatures and the heat of the dishwasher will affect the color changing property of this vinyl. Please check your specific vinyl before placing it in the dishwasher.

I really like how these cups turned out. They are a lot of fun and just make me think of summer. If you do not trust yourself of the receiver of these cups with glass, then you could also make them on plastic cups, possibly a glass cup or mom and a matching plastic color changing cup for your little one. I also used these same designs on glass jars I bought from Dollar Tree. For these jars I used my stencil design I provide in my design and etched the glass first. I then applied the textured vinyl over my glass etching. These would be perfect to store craft supplies. There are so many different possibilities with these designs and how you can use them.

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