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Christmas Ornament Frame Wall Décor


  1. A frame  
  1. 3 plastic ornaments of your choice.  
  1. Ribbon for the bow (I used about a 1 inch thick ribbon) and a different thinner ribbon or string to hand the ornaments from.  
  1. Pliers to remove the black tabs on the back of the picture frame 
  1. Paint or spray paint.  
  1. Hot glue  
  1. Scissors  

Start by removing the glass, backing and little black tabs with pliers from your frame.  If you want to change the color of your frame then do so now.  I spray painted mine green.  

Next, lay ornaments where you would like them to hang.  I made the two on the end about the same height and the one in the middle a little shorter.  Then measure the thinner ribbon and cut it to length to hang each ornament to desired length.  Attach ribbon to ornament first by tying it to the top of the ornament.  Then use hot glue gun to attach the other end of the ribbon to the back of your frame.  If you cut your ribbon to long you can cut the extra off now.   

Once all three ornaments are attached and the glue is dry it is time for the finishing bow.  I am not very good at making bows so I always look up tutorials for how to make bows each time I need one.  I used hot glue to hold my bow together.  After several attempt I finally made one I was happy with.  I used hot glue to attach the bow to the frame.  My frame already had a hanging hook on the back, but if yours does not, then you can attach one with your glue.   

This is a pretty quick and simple project, but it makes for a nice wall décor piece.  I made my ornaments match each other.  I thought about adding a design on my two ornaments on the sides, but decided to keep it simple.  You could add designs to your ornaments or even change their colors with spray paint.  This would also look nice with the porcelain tiles I showed you how to make a few days ago.  Here is the link to that tutorial.  The three ornaments could each have a simple word on them like, believe, joy, and noel.  Another option would be to do a nativity scene or other image in the middle ornament and words on the side ornaments.  You could also put your children’s names on each ornament.     

ornament frame

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