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Cherry Blossom Easter Egg


  1. Egg.  You would use a plastic or wood egg.  Preferably an egg that does not open.  
  1. Hot glue gun  
  1. Thin rope  
  1. Glitter glue  
  1. Puffy paint  
Easter egg

The first step is to glue the end of your rope to the bottom of your egg.  I recommend starting with the smaller end of the egg.  I did the bigger end of my egg first, and as I made it down to the smaller end it made it more difficult for the rope to lay nicely.  It is easier to get bigger than it is to make it smaller.  As it go smaller it wanted to gap more.  Now just start wrapping your rope around, apply small amounts of hot glue as you go.  If you apply to much hot glue, the rope will not lay down as flat and create some gaps.  I found it looked better if I went a few wraps around my egg before I applied glue.  When I applied glue more often it became messier looking.  If you really do not like a section, then it was not to difficult to pull the rope off and redo a section.  The design you make on top of the rope will also help hide any imperfections.   

Once my entire egg was wrapped I used a rose gold glitter glue, and made a tree branch design around my egg.  If you want to decorate the entire egg, I recommend only doing one side at a time.  Let the glue completely dry before doing the other side.  This will prevent any accidental fingers in wet glue and allow you to lay the egg down to dry. 

You could also use another color of string, rope, or yarn to make the tree pattern or pattern of your choice, and glue it on your egg.   

Easter egg

I then use puffy paint to make a few flowers.  I used the puffy paint to give it some more texture and diminution.  I tried to make five pedals on my flowers, but they just blended together.   

I tried to add a little bit of lighter pink acrylic paint to the centers of my flowers, but the dot just seemed off to me. So, I blended it into the puffy paint that was not quite dry yet.

Easter egg

You could make fun colorful eggs with embroidery string or colorful yarn.  You would do the same technique of wrapping the string around your egg and hot gluing it down as you go.  Then at random spots cut your string off and start with another color.  Continue doing this till you have wrapped your entire egg.   

There is a lot of creativity you can add to these eggs.  So, have fun with it and I would love to see how your turned out.   

Easter egg
Easter egg
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