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Cake Topper Bird Shaker

Supplies for Glowforge method:

  1. Wood or draft wood
  2. Wood glue. Other glues will also work.
  3. Filler for your shaker: glitter, sequence, foam balls, and confetti, or other small things to put inside your shaker. I used small clay slices that look like flowers.
  4. Acrylic. Acetate could also work.
  5. Laser cutting machine. I used my Glowforge, which you can learn more about here or get a discount code if you are thinking of buying one.
  6. My design, which you can find in my shop or on my Etsy shop. You can also cut my design out of cardstock and acetate if you want.

I started out by using my laser cutter, Glowforge, to cut out my back layer, spacer, and the wing. I then cut out my acrylic layer. This is a pretty simple shape that you may be able to use a Cricut Maker with the knife blade to cut these shapes out of wood.

cake topper shaker

Once my pieces were all cut out, I painted my wood pieces. You could also apply tissue paper or cardstock over your wood cut outs with some glue, if you would like more designs in the piece. I thought my clay flowers, that I will be putting in the center of my piece, had enough pattern going on, and I did not want to take away from them. I decided to go with a simple yellow and purple paint job on my shaker. I actually did two different yellow paints, but it is hard to tell the difference between them.

Now that the paint is dry, it is time to assemble the pieces. I started with the bottom most layer. I then applies some wood glue around the spacer layer, placed on top of the bottom layer. I like to apply the glue to the spacer layer so I know how much glue is needed, and I do not get extra around the edges and sides. I also used a toothpick to help limit the amount of glue I applied to my pieces.

Once the glue is dry, you can add your filler/shaker pieces. I used clay slices that look like flowers. I purchased these from Hobby Lobby. They were in the jewelry section. You could use a lot of different things inside your shaker like, sequins, glitter, foam balls, confetti, and really anything that is small enough to fit inside. Fill your piece with as much filler/shaker pieces as you like. Just remember you want to leave some space for the pieces to be able to move around freely.

cake topper shaker

I then applied my wood glue around the edges of my spacer, and put my clear acrylic layer on top. I wiped away any extra glue around the edges. The wood glue dried clear, and was not to noticeable once it dried. I then applied some glue to the back of the wing, and placed it directly onto my acrylic.

Allow the glue to dry before shaking it to insure no piece get wet glue on them, which may prohibit their movement. This little bird is fun and bright. He is perfect for spring, which I am ready for. He would be cute in a tier tray, or placed out for decorations. You could make the Cricut version (made out of cardstock) if you would like it to go on a card or as a cake topper. I show a Cricut version of a bunny in an Easter egg shaker, or you can also follow the steps below. You could even tie a little bow around the bird’s neck or add a small flower. I decided to not add either, because I did not want to cover up my shaker pieces inside.

Supplies for Cricut method:

  1. Cardstock (medium to thick) You could also use vinyl for the layer that covers the spacer.
  2. Acetate
  3. Craft foam, kraft board, or thin cardboard. Something to use as your spacer. I like to use craft foam.
  4. Glue. I recommend a tacky glue.
  5. Filler for your shaker: glitter, sequence, foam balls, and confetti, or other small things to put inside your shaker. I used small clay slices that look like flowers.
  6. Cricut cutting machine or other way or machine to cut out materials.
  7. My design, which you can find in my shop or on my Etsy shop. My design can be cut out of many different materials and used in many different ways.

I would start by cutting out your different layers. You will want to cut the back layer out of cardstock or a heavier material. Then you will need a spacer layer. I typically use a few foam sheets to create this layer. How thick you want your spacer layer to be will depend on the material you are putting inside your shaker. Next, is the acetate layer, followed by the decorative layer to hide the spacer layer. You can use cardstock or vinyl for this layer. You will also want to cut the wind out of either cardstock or vinyl. You can also cut a layer to help make the back of your piece prettier. Some cardstock is double sided, in which you will not need the back layer, or if you do not care what the back of your shaker looks like.

Once all of your layers are cut out, it is time to start assembling. Start with the back layer. If you adding an additional layer to the back of your shaker, then you can glue this on now.

The next layer is the spacer layer. If you are stacking multiple pieces together to form your spacer layer, then I found it easier to form/assemble the spacer layer first, before attaching it to your shaker. Once your spacer is a good thickness, place it on top of your bottom layer, and apply a few filler pieces to insure your spacer layer is a good thickness. You can add more layers to your spacer layer as needed.

Apply glue and lay your spacer layer down. Wait for your glue to dry, then add your fillers. This can be a variety of different little pieces. Some items that make good filler for shakers include, glitter, confetti, sequences, foam balls, and just about anything else that is small enough to fit inside.

Now, close your shaker by applying glue to your acetate layer and putting it on top. You could be finished here, or you could add the wing on top of the acetate layer. If you made the wing out of cardstock, then you will need a little glue to glue it in place. If you made the wing out of vinyl, then you can just stick it directly onto the acetate. You can also do the same thing with the outline layer to help hide your spacer layer.

Just wait for your glue to completely dry and give your shaker a shake. This bird would be cute on a card, as a cake topper, or in a tier tray or just as decoration. Depending on the patterns of cardstock you use and your color choices, this little bird can take on many different looks and styles. You could even tie a little bow around his neck or add a small flower. Make sure you check out my bunny inside an Easter egg shaker as well.

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