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Bunny Digging Up Carrots, Easter Décor


  1. Yarn in the color you want your bunny  
  1. Felt for the bunny’s feet.  So, pink and the color you chose for your bunny.  
  1. My bunny feet template, which can be found here for free.  
  1. Hot glue and glue gun  
  1. One cotton ball for the bunny’s tail  
  1. A few carrots.  I purchased mine from dollar tree.  They are found in the Easter section, but you could also make your own if you cannot find them.  
  1. Some flowers or greenery to fill in the back.  I purchased three sets of greenery from Dollar Tree’s spring collection.  I do not normally buy flowers or greenery from dollar tree, but I really liked these.   
  1. A container to put everything in.  The one I used is from Dollar Tree.  It comes in English and I believe French.  
  1. Floral foam rectangle to fill the container.  The size will depend on the size of container you buy.   
  1. Reindeer moss, I used moss liner from Joann fabrics, or other greenery filler to cover the bottom of your container.   
  1. Scissors.  Sharp scissors work best.  
  1. Optional: rope or ribbon to go around your container.  

Start by fitting your floral foam into your container.  You may need to use a razor blade or something to cut it down to size.  You can hot glue it to the bottom of your container if you want.  This is a personal preference, and I usually do not glue mine down, just in case I change my mind in the future.   

Next, I placed my moss liner, and cut it down to size with scissors.  This sat a little lower than I wanted. So, I decided to hot glue the edges of the moss liner to the top inside edges of my container.  I did not glue three spots in the back where I wanted my greenery to go.  I then stuck my greenery in these three spots I left open and applied hot glue to hold them in place.  You may need to cut your greenery down first depending on the size of your greenery and the size of your container.  So, place your greenery first, before gluing them in to place.   

For the bunny I used my Cricut machine to cut out the feet pattern I made.  You can find this pattern in my free library by clicking here.  I used the pink mat with the rotary blade, and felt as my setting.  You could cut out the bunny feet by hand.  I used Elmer’s glue to glue my bunny feet together, but hot glue should also work.  I put my hot glue gun away and did not want to heat it up just for this.   

For the bunny itself I used this really soft looking yarn.  I do not recommend this yarn.  It sheds like crazy and is very slippery, which made making this bunny a little difficult.  I recommend just using regular yarn.  I started off by tracing a circle onto a piece of cardboard.  I just found random round items around my house that looked to be a good size.  I then found a smaller round item and traced it inside the bigger circle.  You will need to make two of these.  Then cut them out with scissors.  You will need to cut a section out of the bigger circle, so it is okay to use this slit to get to the smaller circle to cut it out.  See the pictures below.  Once both circle pieces are cut out, you will want to line the two together.   

Next, start wrapping your yarn around the cardboard pieces.  The more you wrap the yarn around the cardboard the bigger your bunny will be.  So, I recommend wrapping it several times. I also recommend not wrapping the yarn to tight or it will be harder to get your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard for the next step. Cut off the tail of your yarn from the pieces you wrapped around the cardboard. 

Now take your scissors and slide them between the two pieces of cardboard, and cut the wrapper yarn.  This is when it is very helpful to have sharp scissors.  My scissors did not want to cut my yarn well, plus the yarn I chose was very slippery, I ended up losing a few strips, and thus making my bunny smaller.  It was also shedding like crazy on me. Cut off a piece of your yarn from your yarn ball, and slide it between the cardboard pieces and tie it off.  I did three knots just to be sure it was secure.  Now you can take the cardboard pieces off.   

If your yarn ball is a little lopsided, then place it between the two cardboard pieces and use them as a template to trip up the edges of your ball to make it rounder.  Then rotate your yarn ball and do this again to get all the sides even.  You can keep doing this until you are happy with the shape.  I could have done this a little more, but my yarn was shedding so much and my bunny was already a bit smaller than I anticipated it being, so I just called it good.   

Now for some finishing touches.  The left side of my container was a bit plain.  So, I glued two carrots on that side.  It looks like the bunny is digging up carrots and got two already.  As I am typing this, I thought a carrot patch sign could have been cute to add.   I may make one and add it later.  I also thought adding a little white rope around the top of the bucket looked nice.  It also covers up any rough edges you may have.  I attacked the rope to the bucket/container with hot glue, then cut off my extra at the back.   

I thought this turned out pretty cute.  I thought about making a baby bunny to add next to the other bunny, but decided against it.  If you make this, feel free to add other touches to it.  I think the feet are what really makes the bunny look so cute.   

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