You are currently viewing Bring the colors of fall to your home with this beautiful fall leaf.

Bring the colors of fall to your home with this beautiful fall leaf.


  1. Leaf template or another template. I found the one I used from JoAnn Fabrics. You could also make your own template.  
  1. Mod podge. I used a glossy mod podge  
  1. Tissue paper, and other thin materials  
  1. Paint brush or sponge brush you do not mind getting mod podge on.  
  1. Paint and paint brush  

I found this wood leaf with a small boarder around it at JoAnn Fabrics. I could have also made one on my Glowforge or possibly on a Cricut machine, since it was large, and there was not too many details in the design. You can make your own template in any shape you want.  

fall leaf

I started off by tearing pieces of tissue paper. I think the rough edges of the tear lines looks nicer than clean cut lines. I did not have a bright yellow tissue paper, so I used some crepe paper I had. It also worked well, and gave the piece some added texture.

I applied some mod podge directly to my wood surface. Then I placed my torn pieces of tissue paper and crepe paper in random patterns. I then applied mod podge on top of my tissue paper and crepe paper pieces I laid down.  

I tried not to put similar colors next to each other. I used fall leaf colors, green, yellow, orange, and red. I did not have any orange crepe paper or tissue paper. So, I decided to use a silk leaf I had. I used my scissors to cut small pieces out of the silk leaf. The mod podge did not hold these pieces into place very well. I used the tissue paper and crepe paper to cover the edges of the silk leaf pieces, to help hold it in place, then covered it in mod podge. Once the mod podge completely dried everything seemed secure. Just be careful not to touch the silk leaf pieces to much until the piece dries over night or the silk pieces may move.  

I made sure to only use the crepe paper and tissue paper in the small corners of my design. I also used a mechanical pencil to help get these pieces into the small edges. The crepe paper also added some nice bumps to the piece.  

Once I finished filling in the center of the leaf, I painted the edge around the leaf gold. I needed to apply two coats of my gold acrylic paint around the edges of my piece. The wood soaks in the paint.  

This piece took a bit longer than I expected it too, but it was not too difficult. I like how it turned out. It is bright and cheery. The gold trim adds a little bit of elegance to the piece. These would be a great project for kids, but it might be a little messy. It would also be nice to sit down at the end of a day and put a show on in the background and just relax as you work on it.  

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