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Beautiful 3D Honeycomb Tree


  1. Cardstock. You will need several sheets. Depending on the look of your tree and the size of your tree will determine the number of sheets of cardstock you will need and the size of your cardstock. My tree was 7.31 inches tall. I used 14 sheets of 12×12 cardstock and got 3 trees on each sheet of cardstock. 
  2. Scissors or a cutting machine to cut out the tree shapes. 
  3. Scoring tool or scoring stylus (Maker and Maker 3 only). If you cut your trees out by hand, then maybe a bone folder would be helpful. 
  4. Glue. I used barely art. 
  5. Heavy objects
  6. My tree template
  7. Optional: glitter. I used champagne extra fine glitter. 
  8. Optional: white craft glue and a sponge brush


  1. Cut out your tree shapes.
  • If cutting out the trees by hand, then fold your paper in half and trace half the tree on one side of the folded edge. Then use scissors to cut out the tree. 
  • If using a cutting machine to cut out your tree shapes, then I recommend adding a score line down the center of your tree shape so it will be easier to fold in half. Make sure to align, center the score line, then attach the score line to your tree. 

2. Fold your trees in half. 

3. Apply a line of glue to the inside of your folded trees as shown in the picture below. A dot at the tip, and a line just above the bottom of each tree section. Do not apply glue to the end/edge or it might seep out. 

4. Place each glued tree piece under a heavy item to dry. 

5. Apply glue to opposite areas from step 3, to glue two folded trees together. See the picture below. 

6. Once you have glued two trees together apply glue in the same way to glue two of those tree groups together, making 4 trees in total together. Keep doing this until all trees have been glued together in one large pile. Placing trees under heavy items to dry each time. 

7. Bend the trees back so that the two back trees touch. Apply a good amount of glue to these trees and the inside section of all the trees. Hold until the glue has dried. 

8. You can add decorations to your tree, like a star or beads. I added white craft glue to the edges of my tree, then applied extra fine glitter. When the glue was dry I added a second layer of glue to prevent the glitter from coming off later on. 

These little trees take a lot of paper, but if you think about it, they are still inexpensive to make. I have seen similar trees selling for a lot more than a pack of paper will cost you. This project might seem a bit intimidating because of the number of trees you will need to make, but it actually goes quite quickly. You can add more layers or less layers depending how tight or loose you want the honeycombs to be. I love the added glitter to this tree. This project is simple, but beautiful. It is up there in my top favorites.

In my YouTube video I added an extra tree at the end. So, make sure you watch the video to see the extra bonus tree.

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