You are currently viewing Basic Info for Cricut Users And Creators (fonts, unzipping files, and more)

Basic Info for Cricut Users And Creators (fonts, unzipping files, and more)

How to find out the name of a font:

I like to use a website called WhatTheFont. You can put an image with the font you would like to know the name of in the box in the middle. It will then identify the different fonts it found in the image. You can move the box around and place it over the specific font you would like to identify. Then hit the blue button just below the image. It will generate a list of possible fonts it could be and provide the name of the font as well as the author. These typically will cost money, but you can use another website to find many fonts, typically just for personal use for free.

How to find a font for free:

Now that you have the name of the font you want to use, head to dafont. On the right hand side there is a search bar, where you can type or past the name of your font, and hit enter/search. It will generate any fonts it might have in its system similar to the font you are looking for. It does not always come up with a font, and you might need to do a little more searching or pick a different font that is similar. You can also type in a specific word you would like the list of fonts options to be seen in, by typing your word in the preview search bar, just above the list of font options. If you see a font you like, just click download. Now head to your downloaded font. It will be in your computers folders. It will download as a zipped folder, which saves space on your computer, but it needs to be unzipped in order to use it and download it onto your computer. To unzip the file simply right click on the folder and click extract all. Another unzipped folder will be created. To download this font onto your computer you will then need to click on the font inside the unzipped folder and simply double click on it, then click the install button at the top.

Why can I not upload my new design to Cricut Design Space/How to unzip a folder/design

When you download a design from someone, they may put all of your items in a zipped folder to keep them together and compressed. However, you will need to unzip this folder in order to upload your design into Cricut Design Space or other programs. To do this simply right click on the zipped folder and click extract all. A new unzipped folder will appear. You can now click on that folder and see what all is inside.

To upload this design into Cricut Design Space, click new project, to open a clean workspace. Next, click upload at the bottom left side of the page. Then click upload image and drag your design into the box or click browse and select the design you want to upload. Now click on your design or multiple designs you have uploaded, and click add to canvas to have them appear in your work area. Make sure things are the correct size before you hit the make it button. Sometimes measurements will get changed when things are uploaded and downloaded.

How to navigate around K and F Design

At the top of the home page you will see a list of different tabs, which can help you narrow down what you are looking for. You can check out all my projects related to Cricut, click holiday crafts to pick from a specific holiday, and more. I also have my free library in these tabs, which you can get the password for by simply signing up to my weekly newsletter. This newsletter is typically pretty short and just helps keep you informed on new things Cricut is coming out with, what projects I came out with or hints on what I will be coming out with the following week. Once in my library you will be asked to type in the password that was sent to the email you signed up with. Please do not share this password for others. I would like them to sign up for the newsletter so I can have a better understanding of my audience and their needs.  It is also a security thing. Once you type in the password, you will see lots of different design I provide for free. You can click on the link to be taken to the blog post that talks about how I made that specific project. You can also download the file to make the project by clicking on the chain looking symbol on the image. I also have a shop where I sell some digital products I have made. This helps support my website so I can continue to provide you with content and fun projects. Below these tabs is a picture of my logo and below that is my most resent posts. Just click on any of the pictures you might be interested in learning more about. If there is something specific you are looking for, then you can also use my search bar in the upper right side of my page, it is with the other tabs. Just type key words and it will try to find what you are looking for. I also have a box on the lower right-hand side where you can send me a message if you need any assistance. I try to answer within 24 hrs.

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