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12 Days Till December Ornament Extravaganza!

Is your Cricut machine still sitting in a box, or maybe you have done a few projects with it, but just do not feel confident with it yet. Maybe you are a more experianced Cricut crafter, but would like to venture out and try a few new medians and skills.

Well then I have the event for you! I would like to present my 12 Days Till December Cricut Crafting Event!

🌟 What to Expect:

Starting on November 19th, we’ll count down to the holiday season with 12 days filled with crafting. Each day, you will be guided through crafting a new Christmas ornament. We will start off very simple with lots of step by step guidance. Each day you will add a new skill or build off a skill you will have learned from the previous day. 🎨🤗

🎅 Why You Should Join:

  • It’s FREE! Spread the holiday spirit without breaking the bank.
  • Learn from a Pro: Get exclusive, step-by-step guidance from a crafting expert (that’s me!) 🙌
  • Connect & Share: Interact with fellow crafters, share your creations, and make new friends.
  • Build your Cricut confidence: No longer be intimidated by your Cricut machine as you work with many different materials and learn new skills along the way.

📆 Event Details:

  • Dates: Nov. 19th to Nov. 30th 2023
  • Time: A new ornament will appear each day at 10 am EST
  • Location: Your cozy crafting corner at home
  • Materials: A supplies list, SVG file, video tutorial and written instructions will be available for each ornament for Free, but only for 24 hours, unless you snag a VIP pass, which will also give you extra designs and ornaments exclusively to VIP members only! 

🔗 How to Join:

Getting in on the crafting fun is easy:

  • Click the link below to sign up for this event.
  • Check your inbox each day of the event to discover the new ornament for that day and for the link to the new ornament.

👉 Free Ticket!

🌲 Let’s break out the Cricut machine this Holiday season!

There’s something truly special about crafting your own ornaments during the holiday season. Not only do they add a personal touch to your decorations, but they also create cherished memories. So, gather your crafting supplies, invite your friends and family to join, and let’s make this holiday season unforgettable!

Spread the word, share the joy, and let’s countdown to December with creativity!

See you at the 12 Days Till December Cricut Crafting Event! Check your email each day to see what new ornament we will be making!

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  1. Audrey

    I got the free ticket but everyday it ask for me to join again.

    1. Katie

      I have you down for a free ticket. So, you should be receiving an email each day that has a link to the schedule page. The schedule page is where you will see all the ornaments, files, videos, and more. You may need to check your email’s spam or junk folder.

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